Sunday, October 27, 2013

SOLVED: Ubuntu installation of Canon MX452 Inkjet Printer

Unlike many printers and Linux, this install went simply.
  • Unbox printer.
  • remove orange packing tape.
  • unbox power cords and usb cable, install.
  • open front pull-down cover, and one under it - push down on grey loops gently and put in inkjet cartridges.
  • Put paper in at bottom, only hold 50 sheets or so.
  • turn on, wait.
  • open terminal window, type sudo ls and enter pw.
  • open browser, get download from
  • in terminal, cd ~/Downloads
  • tar -xzvf cnijfilter*
  • cnijfilter*
  • On printer, turn off and on again just in case.
  • sudo ./
  • follow prompts accepting defaults.
  • in browser, open and print open page as test. Should hear printer working.
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