Friday, March 08, 2013

Trying to build Python and a set of Python libraries on an AIX 6.1 box.

Starting with both gcc and IBM xlc compilers handy, this will be a set of notes, as opposed to a strict recipe. 

Have in /opt/freeware/bin:  gcc, make, tar.

Python notes:

    AIX:    A complete overhaul of the shared library support is now in
            place.  See Misc/AIX-NOTES for some notes on how it's done.
            (The optimizer bug reported at this place in previous releases
            has been worked around by a minimal code change.) If you get
            errors about pthread_* functions, during compile or during
            testing, try setting CC to a thread-safe (reentrant) compiler,
            like "cc_r".  For full C++ module support, set CC="xlC_r" (or
            CC="xlC" without thread support).
    AIX 5.3: To build a 64-bit version with IBM's compiler, I used the
            export PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/vacpp/bin
            ./configure --with-gcc="xlc_r -q64" --with-cxx="xlC_r -q64" \
                        --disable-ipv6 AR="ar -X64"
So, I know a couple of things from previous adventures here.  First, I need working libraries for a variety of things:
* readline
* sqlite3
* zlib


I've run into problems when compiling with xlc. The tests don't pass, and I get an exit status 11.  yuck.  More later.

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