Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Compiling rsyslog for CENTOS 6.1

So, I was in dependency hell yesterday. It's one of the outer circles, nearby the region for people who drop gum on carpet. I was trying to get a recent version of rsyslog to install from source tgz on a centos 6.1 box. Unfortunately, the good people who have brought us rsyslog have put in requirements for libee and libestr, two not-production-ready libraries in the sense that they don't compile cleanly and easily with configure options that point to each other, etc. this is one of the concepts I started with, but it didn't turn out so well. [krice4@boxname rsyslog-7.1.7]$ ./configure LIBESTR_CFLAGS=/usr/local/include LIBESTR_LIBS=/usr/local/lib/ LIBEE_CFLAGS=/usr/local/include LIBEE_LIBS=/usr/local/lib/ --enable-imfile --enable-mail --enable-extended-tests --enable-omstdout --enable-omprog --enable-zlib --enable-debug JSON_C_LIBS=/usr/lib/ JSON_C_CFLAGS=/usr/local/include After a while, i had to give up and install an RPM created by someone else, and even then, it broke the box on reboot so we had to re-image the vm. Ug. Advice: don't try to build 7.1 yourself without serious impact protection and a large bottle of 'Scotch' (or whatever your Scotch is) to take the edge off.
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