Monday, February 28, 2011

List of Common CPAN Modules

I've been having trouble finding a list of handy perl modules. You'd think that people would be ready with a list, but doesn't keep any, and the Google search for 'list of common CPAN modules' doesn't return anything.

So, here's my list, for all it's worth. Feel free to post additions. I presume you've installed CPANPLUS, then invoked:

$ perl -MCPANPLUS -e shell

CPANPLUS> i Algorithm::Diff B::Keywords BSD::Resource Bundle::HTML CGI CPAN CPANPLUS Carp::Always Chart Config::General Crypt::Blowfish Crypt::DES Crypt::DSA DBD::mysql DBD::SQLite Daemon::Generic Data::Alias Data::Buffer Data::Dump Data::Dump::Streamer Data::Dumper Data::FormValidator Data::Peek Date::Calc DateTime DateTime::TimeZone Devel::NYTProf Devel::Size Email::Simple Email::MIME Email::Send Encode::Detect File::CheckTree File::Fetch File::GlobMapper File::MMagic File::Slurp File::Spec File::Temp File::Which Getopt::Declare Getopt::Euclid Getopt::Long Getopt::Std HTML::Entities HTML::Mason HTML::Parser HTML::Template HTML::Tidy HTML::TreeBuilder HTTP::Date HTTP::Request IO::Interactive IO::Prompt IO::Stringy IPC::System::Simple Image::Size JSON-RPC JSON-XS LWP LWP::MediaTypes List::MoreUtils List::Util Locale::Encode Log::Any Log::Log4perl MIME::Tools MIME::Types MailTools Math::Random::Secure Math::BigInt::FastCalc=>0.25, Math::BigRat=>0.2602, Module::Metadata Module::Starter Moose Net::Cmd Net::Domain Net::FTP Net::LDAP Net::NNTP Net::Netrc Net::PH Net::POP3 Net::SMTP Net::Telnet Net::Time PAR::Dist PDF::API2 PDF::Report Parse::RecDescent PatchReader Path::Classs Perl::Critic Perl::OSType POE Return::Value Regexp::Common Regexp::Assemble Text::Autoformat SOAP::Lite Scalar::Util Devel::Cover Test::Pod Test::Pod::Coverage Test::Spelling Test::Valgrind Test::kwalitee Test::MinimumVersion Module::Release Module::Build Module::Install Module::Install::AuthorTests Module::Install::ExtraTests Test::Prereq Parse::CPAN::Meta Spreadsheet-ParseExcel Spreadsheet-WriteExcel Template Test::Deep Test::Fail Test::Perl::Critic Test::Script Test::Tester Test::noWarnings Text::Diff Text::CSV Text::CSV::Simple Text::CSV_XS TheSchwartz Tie::Dir Time::HiRes Time::Zone TimeDate Try::Tiny WWW::Mechanize version
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