Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Submission to FCC Re: Broadband

Who I Am / Use Cases:

1. I am a computer professional and use a large amount of bandwidth connecting with my workplace's VPN.

2. Further, I regularly download and upload large amounts of source code as part of my work on Linux and open-source related projects.

3. Futher, I have a great interest in downloading movies via Hulu.com, NetFlix.com, etc.

My requests / Interests:

1. My cable TV provider (Comcast, Inc.) provides my internet connection. They currently have a cap on usage of about 250 GB per month, but no way for me as a user to track my usage level. They also have a penalty for overuse of 'banishment' which would leave me with far fewer options for broadband.

Proposal: Require all providers that provide ISP services that have a cap on overall bandwidth usage to provide a free, auditable, accessible via automated tool (website, etc., vs. calling in by phone), means of finding out our usage.

Proposal: Require any cap on bandwidth to have reasonable overage charges in line with actual usage. That is, if there is an overage, an email would notify me, and my account would be charged a fee at the same rate or less than the original usage. This prevents them from setting a $10,000 fine on a small overage. If my monthly bill is $50, then doubling the bandwidth usage would ONLY double my bill, or less.

3. Describe in law that any collusion between ISPs (comcast, AT&T and/or other DSL providers, etc.) in setting prices, contract terms, or making available services or not, would be punishable under anti-trust statutes.

4. PROHIBIT MANDATORY COLLECTIVE BARGAINING in ISP broadband contracts. These massively favor the corporate interests and are well-known to almost never result in outcomes favorable to the 'little guy'.

5. Alternatively, require publication of all collective bargaining cases in the form of submission to a public civil federal court to establish if the cases are being resolved / adjudicated fairly. No outside judicial review of these cases ever occurs and this practice is organized fraud under the guise of allegedly fair practices in a gamed system.

6. I agree that all federally funded road and bridge projects require installation of large scale conduit in public rights of way affording access to the installation of dark or used fiber optic or other communication cables. Such space to be leased in a manner to prevent monopolizing of said conduit capacity by any one provider.

Your Confirmation Number is: '2009811037388 '
Date Received: Aug 11 2009
Docket: 09-51
Number of Files Transmitted: 1
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