Monday, June 01, 2009

On the Idea of Being Awesome

AWESOME nature entwines within its nonchalant grasp that mote of me.

Casually searching for meaning, loving and being loved, I hope for a difference-making life to emerge from this, my formless day-breaking average-ness, my oft-times mundane but happily or at least consolingly unique existence, my castle of experiences.

Such castles I have witnessed and joined in assembling, my own and my cared-for compatriots. These being assembled, we build them from our faults and costs and joys and glees.

Such are the AWESOME projects I set my shoulder upon. Such projects are unleashed by ashes and sawdust, by baby's cry and dinner's on and cleaning messes made by my not-swift-enough fingers or too-swift tongue.

I find my sadness and happiness and all betwixt that remains of a day, Awesome.
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